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Saturday, April 18, 2009


i'm totally not a diary kind of person. i dont write well.. n please dun judge by what u read, and those spelling errors.. bt there's too much things in me at time that i need a place to let it out..
nt being pathetic, bt sometimes i feel lonely, and sad at times without any reason..

on the surface, ppl would see me as a calm, relaxed person.. bt actually, any simple things can make tensed and nervous.. did i say it can mek me shivers? yes it does..

somehow i see other kids around aren't the same as me.. i'm as nt social, outgoing, or even have a close friend.. i have been wanting a close friend all my life, where we do thing together, and bemy partner in crime.. and i guess it's pretty hard as im turning 21 soon, and still no close friend..
Last time i thought that my childhood friend would be my closest friend ever.. bt things often do not go the way you like it.. sometimes i envy and jealous of people who have close friends.. being introvert is somehow a barrier for me to get to know people, plus the way that i sound..
i do really treasure friendship alot..

i will be graduating from my polytechnic soon in May2009.. 3 years in poly was a great experience ever.. though it was dreading during my 1st ever semester.. bt then i get to know good friends which makes my life in school happier n make me wanna go school everyday.. hehe
I will miss attending to lectures, and of course those inbetween break times.. it was awesome..
Everything is sure going to end on the Graduation Day.. bt i really hope that the friendship i have made will last for eternity..



Blogger zhyne said...

this is the very meaningfull words that comes from your heart...
i can feel it...
so,keep writing...
it's good on you...
may luck for you my friend ;)


April 23, 2009 at 5:42 AM  
Blogger zhyne said...

i heard 'it's amazing'...
& you really made a good job dude!!!
really related to your blog ;)
& i beleive, everybody who's watch-out your blog,
can't wait for another from you ;)

April 23, 2009 at 9:48 PM  

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