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Friday, April 24, 2009

it's amazing

have u heard the song on my blog? It's Amazing by Jem..
what do u feel when u're listening to it?

this is a great song to me as it brings memories to me.. sweet memories that starts to spin whenever i heard this song.. i got to know this song by accident, was searching for a song in multiply(when it still allows to download song.. haha) and heard this song, since then im totally addicted to this song..

this song reminds me of my journey to school every morning in the bus and mrt.. it makes me calm and bring a smile while listening to this song.. i could still remember that i had a video project to be done with my grp member.. it was in the school holidays and we came back to school just to shoot our video.. we had so much fun and theres countless number of takes that have to re-act as being an amature actor is never easy.. i really cherish n treasure those moments that we had spent together..

this song somehow gives me inspiration to stand out and do the things that i always wanted to do.. most of all i do feel sad too while listening to this song.. sad or feeling alil bit emotional as those great and wonderful memories that happened during the time when i was addicted to this song really made a difference and add colours to my poly life.. i miss those times that i spent in sch with my frens, they are the that made me feel me.. in a way that i show my true self and not acting..

see how great a song can be when u have memories linked to it.. cherish those moments that u have with everyone as those memories more or less will make a real person..



Blogger zhyne said...

i tell you...
you really experted on this,
keep it up dude...
this is a thing that you can do,
& hope you really happy do this ;)

cheerZ ;)

April 24, 2009 at 1:59 AM  

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