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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


it's been awhile since i last post something here.. more like 3 years already.. through out these 3 years i went through quite a number of major events in my life. i will continue from where i left from my last post.. on 9/08/09 was my eldest sister's wedding reception.. i was definitely thrilled and happy for her.. but that point of time, i had the worst pimple breakout that last for around 2+ years.. although right now theres no pimple on my face, theres pimple scars left behind.. i was too paranoid about enlisting for NS, the reason why theres bad pimple breakout. on 14/9/09 was my enlistment.. i was so stressed out, mixed feeling and somehow feel insecure.. knowing that the first 3mths in Tekong wont a holiday already enough to me stressed up.. actually my experience in BMT at tekong wasnt a bad one.. although i cant really recall the feelings i felt at that time, i definitely have good memories to think back during BMT times.. was posted to Quebec Coy, Platoon 1 Section1 Bed 3. on ??/12/09 was my Passing Out Parade. marks the end of 3mths of basic military training. at first i didnt like the rehearsal parades, but after awhile i kind of enjoy marching for a parade. i felt so proud and happy, dunno why.. ahhaha theres this one point of time i felt emotional when i saw every coy carrying their flags in front during our 16km or 24km route march.. the feeling just came suddenly, it feels like im really going to the war front or something.. During 24lm route march got scolded by sergent for talking too much during the march, (like wth right?) end up was instructed to lead the platoon marching song.. first time singing loudly.. paisey also.. totally pissed off with that sergent.. after POP we had a 5 days of blocked leave to spend.. so faizal, me and iskandar went to KL for a short trip! ok la i'll stop here for the moment.. going to sahur now.. it's the 4th of Ramadan today..

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