The Story Of My Life

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the compiled events..

hhmm.. it's been a long while that i last post something.. im nt really busy though..
bt maybe just dont feel like posting anything.. haha weird weird..

as a follow up to the last post, my graduation was on..
they didnt cancelled it as the ministry of health had lowered the precaution to the yellow code,
which previously was orange.. and so, it's a big YAY!.. hahaha..

i really enjoyed my graduation ceremony.. that is 1 of my happiest and proudest moments that i've went through.. i really wish i could graduate again one day.. bt not a a polytehnic again of course..
this time i would like to be in a university.. bt to my disappointment, my application, as well as my friends were rejected..

remember the police interview? yeah they called me again for the final interview, and rejected me.. haiz..
if i ever knew that was coming i might as well skip that.. i was having fever at that time, bt just a low grade fever.. hehe.. bt still, i felt that i've just wasted my time and transport money to get there, which in the end they say i dun fit in..well, actually im quite desperate to find a job, thats the reason why i send the police officer application out of the blue.. bt nvm.. i believe theres something better waiting for me.. way alot better than becoming a policer officer.. bt the time has no come yet..

theres quite alot of things going on in my life lately.. and im so thankful for that.. those experiences made me more realistic and taught me never to put too high hopes on something..
as when it dun turn out the way that u wanted, the pain and disappointment is doubled.. just like what i went thru sometime ago..

recently i was really busy finishing up my 'gubahan' for my both sisters.. 1 will be engaged and another will be someone's wife.. hahaha..on 06.06.09..
overall i am really happy with the outcome that i have made.. i do received a few compliments for it.. hehe so happy for that..
bt 1 thing is that i didnt manage to grab pics of the 'gubahan' i made for my sister whowas getting married at that time.. quite disappointed for that..

mlm nikah tu mmg kecoh.. pihak lelaki bwk bnyk org.. flooded rumah.. yg aku hairan, bile mase dah dekat aku yg berdebar.. jantung degup kencang.. mcm la aku yg nk kawin..
nk amek gmbr pon tangan aku mcm dah terketar-ketar.. agaknye aku rase gementar utk kakak aku yg nk dinikahkn gaknye.. dah jadi isteri org kakak aku yg ni.. yg sorg dah jadi tunang org..
i wish them all the happiness and wonderful time..

kekadang terfikir, time aku nanti mcne kn? siape gaknye yg aku nk kawin nanti? hahaha
gerlfren pon aku tkde.. tapi aku sngt2 la gembira utk kakak2 aku tu.. dpt jumpe dorg nye better half.. rase terharu and kekadang rase sedih jgk.. nanti satu satu tinggal kn rumah yg kite same2 grow up..
kekadang aku rase sedih mc nk nangis tapi tk bersebab.. risau jgk aku ngan diri aku..
nk kate depressed, tapi ape bende yg aku sedih kn? entah la, agaknye bnyk bende aku pendamkn sampai aku terlupe tapi rase sedih tu melekat..

well.. itu je yg aku nk tulis buat mase skrg.. sambil tulis ni aku ulang2 dngr lagu fav aku,
Syurga Di Hati Kita - Ziana Zain..

till then...