The Story Of My Life

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


hey there.. well i guess i will just post a monthly blog.. haha
will try to do more if im not lazy.. well, for the month of july is not as busy as the past months..
i laze around more everyday.. kinda bored u know..

now i've picked up the reading habit.. so i've been in and out of the library now.. hhe

19 july was my b'day.. it was not as great as the past years but i am still so grateful that my sisters bought me something for my birthday.. my elder sis bought delicious foods and the cake that i wanted ( it's actually the same cake that my 2nd sis ordered for her engagement, but now it's for my b'day.. hehe). my sis sis bought me the bag that i've always wanted.. so happy..

my cousin and family came over that day they also bought a cake too.. it's really a unique cake.. looks like a hamburger, complete with cheese but not real cheese though.. haha
i also got presents from them.. got a earpiece, 2 perfumes which one of it is Gucci Pour Homme..
though im not a fan of woody smelling cologne, im thankful that at least they gave something and remembered my day..
i cant believe myself that in already 21 now.. i dun wan to grow old.. just want to be a teenager forever.. heheh

now i've stopped looking for jobs already.. too tired for disappointments.. im also not far from my enlistment date.. i get scared thinking of that.. i just hope and wish the best for myself..

and i shld get ready 2 gubahan my sister asked me to prepare later.. she needs it on 2 august.. not far from now already..

so i guess i'll stop here and continue again when time permits..


Empat Dara Duduk Di Tepi Sungai
Duduk Menjerat Si Ketamlah Batu
Manis Rupa Hai Elok Perangai
Sukar Dipilih Yang Manalah Satu

cant stop listening to this song.. haha

hari akak sulong nikah kakak no.2 tunang..sumenye dlm satu hari..

a pic on 060609, my eldest sis's solemnization ceremony..
edited by me occay.. hehehe